The company MICROMED CHARTS was set up in 2005 for the purpose of producing Medical Chart Papers used in various Medical Equipments. Thanks to the great far-sightedness and enterprise of its principles, thanks to the continuous technological investments, to the capacity of its workers and to the persistent effort of its workers, it became one of the best and most importance production realities of MICROMED produces high quality of chart papers.

Since our inception,we have strived to give our clients only the best and have made tremendous efforts to contribute to the growth and technological development of the product.

MICRO MED has the ability to produce most types of ECG (EKG) EEG, CTG chart paper, spirometry, and fetal monitoring chart papers. In addition, we also manufacture Blood Bank Chart paper for Blood Bank applications.

The products are produced with high quality medical grade thermal papers from MITSUBISHI Hitch. The top coated paper differs from standard thermal paper by virtue of its high chemical durability-a fundamental precondition for guaranteeing the requisite minimum storage time even under extreme conditions. It also protects and supports the safety of your expensive medical equipments.

Our papers are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Printing of Hospital Names are available for large orders. For additional product information please contact us.

MICROMED is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company by BVQ. We also declare that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements in the applicable directives, and that the relevant conformity assessment procedures have been fulfilled with CE marking.

100% precision is vital in hospital, whether it is the results of a blood test, ECG or Ultrasound, the data and images are the most important factor in the diagnosis to determine the nature of treatment. A long lasting and accurate record of the data acquired is therefore indispensable. Therefore Micro Med never take a chance in quality.

To achieve the satisfaction objectives of quality & delivery performance, customer satisfaction index are maintained.

Staff and Workers
We believe that every employee is important, our employees are more passionate about their work, drive innovation and help to move the quality forward.

Micro Med aware that personnel performing work affecting product quality should be competent, hence we provide appropriate education on product, training, skills and experience. Records of education, training, skills and experience are maintained and monitored.

Micro Med creates suitable work environments for its personnel to carry out the activities considering the provision of safety equipments, working conditions like availability of adequate lighting, proper ventilation, purified drinking water, well maintained dining room etc.